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Kids Playing with Lego

Come Play at The Playce

The Playce Indoor Playground and Cafe is a perfect space for families with young children. Our indoor play space is designated for children ages 0-8. While at The Playce, your child can explore our indoor playground while you supervise from our cafe! Want to get in on the fun? Join your little in our play space! The Playce Indoor Playground is a shoe-free, sock required facility. Read below on how to play at The Playce! 

Ways To Play & Pay

We offer a variety of options to play at The Playce. From our open play daily pass to multiple different memberships, you and your family can come experience all The Playce has to offer. 

We do ask that you fill out a waiver for you and your family members before you come to play. Please visit the Waiver Button below to sign up!

$10 Open Play Day Pass

Join us for a day of play at The Playce. Monday through Saturday - children and guests are admitted on a walk in basis for all day play!  Admission is $10 for children aged 0-8 years old. We are closed Sundays for private party rentals and special events. 



5/24 - 5/27

SAVE 15% OFF on Monthly Memberships

Online Only. Click Below to purchase.  

 To play and save - purchase one of our membership options! We offer monthly and annual memberships for families - these are tiered for families with more than one child! Learn more about what options we offer below!

The Playce Rules

  • Shoe free - Socks must be worn at all times in the play area.

  • No running in the play area.

  • Use slides feet-first, one person at a time.

  • Use the rock climbing wall for climbing upwards only. No sliding and/or crawling down will be allowed.

  • Use toys as they are intended, throwing, abusing, or misusing toys or play equipment won’t be tolerated.

  • Please be respectful of our play houses, toys, supplies, play equipment, and most importantly, your fellow patrons.

  • Please be aware of your children and help to enforce the rules.

  • Please be well. To help keep our space safe and clean, only attend if you are feeling your best!

  • Please keep it clean. All snacks, foods, and uncovered drinks should be eaten at tables on the café-side ONLY. Covered drinks (coffee, bottles, sippy cups, etc.) are OK in the play area. If you need a lid for your drink, please ask a staff member.

  • Our baby-area is STRICTLY for children 24 months and younger

  • Our nursery and restrooms are equipped with changing stations for your convenience. Please use them for any diapering needs.

  • Please bring any concerns regarding the rules or any areas that need attention to our staff! We want you to have the best experience possible 

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